Pave the Way Parking Lot Campaign

The Parking Lot Paving Project is the final phase of ECO’s 3 phase renovation project. Currently the lot at Edgerton Community Outreach, Inc. (ECO) is gravel; a gravel lot that often has potholes that fill with water and muck. Paving the lot at ECO will prevent accidents and injuries, provide uniform traffic patterns and parking, create easy in and out drop off points for donations, establish safe access for the elderly and specially abled and furnish parking lot lighting to assist patrons and improve security. Please review our campaign document and consider your best gift at this time to help ECO Pave the Way! Click here to print your pledge card!

Phase I was completed in 2010. It consisted of adding supports in the basement, lifting the building to ensure that we were building on a sound and square foundation, and necessary electrical upgrades.

Phase II consisted of the full build out of the upper level into client offices, children’s room, data room, conference room, and volunteer workspace. Accessibility issues that impacted those with disabilities were addressed with the addition of the ramp, elevator and construction of 4 ADA restrooms. Phase II construction was completed in 2015.

We greatly appreciate the support of our community that has assisted in the growth of our agency!