Housing Programs

The Wisconsin Emergency Rental Assistance program (WERA) is no longer accepting applications based on funding availability. Due to the volume of pending applications, financial assistance is not guaranteed.

Edgerton Community Outreach (ECO) provides motel vouchers for homeless individuals and families when funds are available. The first step for someone seeking out assistance is to fill out a lodging application.  Staff will provide assistance with the paperwork if needed.  Housing staff work with those seeking assistance by identifying all possible housing options available.  Sometimes assistance is best provided through a motel voucher at an area motel/hotel and sometimes the best intervention is helping those we serve access lodging through an area shelter.

The majority of funding for this program is provided by State Shelter Subsidy Funds, the Salvation Army, The United Way of the Blackhawk Region, donations and Thrift Store revenue.

ECO works with the Rock County Homeless Intervention Task Force and homeless shelters in Rock County to avoid duplication of services.

In 2005 Edgerton Community Outreach (ECO) purchased the Lawton Street Home. The Lawton Street Home is a two unit duplex that houses two formerly homeless families. The purchase of this home was made possible with an anonymous donation of $100,000. Families are able to live at the Lawton Street Home for 18 months. Giving families a longer term, more affordable housing option increases the chances that they will be able to work on skills needed to become more self-sufficient. While in the transitional living program participants work with their case manager on life skills, budgeting, schooling, and other necessary skills that would help a person to become more self-sufficient. Participant’s rent is based on their income.

In addition to Lawton Street, ECO leases 4 rental units in Edgerton.  These units are subleased to individuals and families that are literally homeless and that face many barriers that would allow them to rent an apartment.  Each month ECO pays the landlord the full rent payment and collects from the tenant a rent payment that is 30% of their income. The time that tenants spend in one of ECO’s 6 Transitional Living Programs allows the tenant to build a good rental history while working on goals that they have set for themselves.

Edgerton Community Outreach (ECO) provides rent assistance for persons that are facing the reality of becoming homeless. It is our goal to keep someone in their current housing.  ECO is able to assist with a motel voucher for someone who is homeless when resources are available. Varying trends in funding often dictates the rent services ECO is able to provide. A person facing eviction meets with a housing case manager to assess their situation, determine the extent of the need, and work on a plan with the participant so that the participant is able to maintain their housing expenses after assistance is given. Very often the case management services that a person receives is as valuable as the financial assistance that people receive. ECO receives funding from United Way, The Steve Stricker American Family Insurance Foundation, FEMA funds, State Shelter Subsidy Grant funds, and other smaller foundation grants to provide housing assistance.

ECO provides utility assistance to those that have received a disconnect notice or are past due on their bill for energy or water. The first step for someone seeking utility assistance is to fill out a utility assistance application. A person meets with a case manager to assess their situation, determine the extent of the need, and work on a plan with the participant so that the participant is able to maintain their expenses after assistance is given. Varying trends in funding often dictates the utility assistance services ECO is able to provide. Sometimes the best intervention is for households to apply for energy assistance through their local energy assistance office.

ECO is seeking local, private landlords to partner with our agency. We work alongside individuals and families experiencing homelessness assisting with a variety of needs. ECO provides motel vouchers when available, but living in a hotel/motel for an extended period of time is costly. We are having a difficult time finding affordable and available housing units for those in homeless situations or soon to be homeless situations. By collaborating with ECO, we can work together to connect the community to available housing. If you are a landlord in or near the area, consider filling out our collaboration form. For any questions, contact us.

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