Volunteer Information & Opportunities

**Not all volunteers pictured**

Edgerton Community Outreach is mostly run by our hardworking volunteers. ECO could not continue working towards our mission without their continued commitment to our organization. Thank you to each and every volunteer who has donated their time to Edgerton Community Outreach.

ECO Opportunities

Edgerton Community Outreach Opportunities employs young adults with disabilities within our community to increase their independence and to be a productive member of our community. ECO partners with the School District of Edgerton and Wisconsin Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) to create jobs for young adults with special needs. ECO Opportunity employees work alongside a job coach to influence the learning process that is important for each young adult to achieve individual goals as well as organizational goals.

New Volunteers

ECO’s Volunteer Contact will meet with new volunteers to explain available volunteer opportunities and set up training times.  ECO also works with youth volunteers.  All youth volunteers under the age of 18 must have a parent sign a permission slip prior to volunteering at ECO.  Youth volunteers 13 years of age or younger must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Have community service hours? Volunteer at ECO!

Start Here:

New Volunteers are asked to complete the application below and are encouraged to contact our Thrift Store Manager & Volunteer Contact.

Thrift Store Manager & Volunteer Contact:




PDF Volunteer Application

Online Volunteer Application

Volunteer Opportunities

To apply for any of these positions scroll up and complete a Volunteer Application!!

Food Pantry

  • Filling Food Orders Over the Phone
  • Checking Expiration Dates Throughout the Pantry
  • Weighing/Putting Away Donations
  • Stocking Food Pantry from Back Stock
  • Filing Personal Items (Laundry Soap, Pet Food, ETC)

Food Pantry Volunteer Times Available

Days of WeekHours Available

Food Pantry Delivery Assistant

  • Must be able to lift up to 30lbs
  • Orders must be picked up from ECO @ 1:45pm every Tuesday & Thursday
  • Great for people with low volunteer hours!

We have a Delivery Driver. We are looking for someone willing to help our driver deliver the groceries. You would meet out driver @1:45pm at Edgerton Outreach and carpool with our driver to deliver groceries.

Vintage/Vintage Linens

Flexible hours after scheduled training.

Help ECO sort through the antique donations we receive! Knowledge of antiques is preferred but not required!

Cash Register

Volunteer register positions that are available are listed below. Set schedule after scheduled training.

Days of the WeekECO Thrift StoreFeels Like Home


We are looking for a Volunteer to help keep ECO Tidy! We are in need of someone able to clean bathrooms and do a small amount of dishes.

Toy Section

Are you interested in testing donated toys? Volunteer in the Toy Section! Volunteering in the Toy Section would include testing, sorting, cleaning, and pricing toys.


Hours are flexible after scheduled training.

Help ECO sort through, tag, and hang donated clothes! Volunteering in clothes would entail an attention to detail!