Gifts For Kids and Giving Tree

It’s that time of year! Gifts for Kids and Giving Tree are back in action! These two programs help families in the Edgerton area acquire holiday presents for children all the way from birth to grade 12!

Gifts For kids has been helping Edgerton families since 1989! They find gifts for every child from grade 0 to grade 4. This program just needs to know a few facts about your child, like shoe size and underwear/diaper or pull-up sizes. Then, in 10 words or less, the best options of presents for your children. Gifts For Kids also offers a single family game, for every family that signs up for the program. Don’t forget to brainstorm your perfect family game choice!

Do you have children from grade 5 to grade 12?? That’s no problem!! Edgerton Outreach also has a program to fill the age gap Gifts For Kids isn’t able to. Giving Tree is Edgerton Outreach’s personal gifts program for anyone in the 5th-12th grade range to make sure no child goes without, if we can help it. This program needs to know two specific needs and also two specific wants from your child. The Outreach will distribute ‘tickets’ to local churches, community members, as well as businesses!

There are only a few requirements needed to sign up for both of these programs. You must live in or around the Edgerton area and your children need to live in the household at least 50% of the year. The only paperwork we’ll need to complete your sign-up is a Valid form of ID from the parent as well as proof of residence for everyone you’d like to sign-up for. This could be a piece of mail with their name on it, a picture of Infinite Campus from the Edgerton School district, a birth certificate for the young ones, or even custody papers stating the child is in your care!

Not in the Edgerton area? Gifts For Kids helps families in many different areas as well! Ask for Alyssa to get more information on the other areas Gifts For Kids covers!

If you or someone you know would like to sign up for either Gifts For Kids or Giving Tree please call the main line @ 608.884.9593 and ask to set up an appointment with Alyssa or Trinity!