Over the Vine

Do you love wine and a beautiful environment? Then please join the Outreach in our annual 2k and 5k run/walk at Over the Vine Vineyard! Experience this wonderful fall event full of wine, fresh air, and live music! All proceeds received will go to helping feed children in the Edgerton area, through the Edgerton Outreach.

Loving the idea but dreading the distance?? There’s no need to run or walk the 2k/5k. You’re more than welcome to drink the wine, enjoy the live music, and explore the vineyard at your own pace with the ‘Pour and Explore’ ticket option! Also, when you purchase your tickets before October 7th you’ll receive a free event shirt!

This event is located at 1242 State Road 73 Edgerton, WI 53534 on October 22, 2022 and ticket prices are $55 each. Registration starts at 10am on the 22nd, the 5k walk/run is from 12pm-1:30pm, the 2k walk/run is from 12pm-3pm, and the Grounds Exploration is from 12pm-3:30pm. Come join us in drinking some wine, enjoying live music from the MadTadders, explore some vines and help feed our children one ticket at a time! For tickets, donation options, and more information please click HERE! For Over The Vine’s main website click HERE!