Missed the Gifts for Kids Deadline? No Problem!

Did you miss the deadline to sign your children up for the Gifts For Kids program? IT’S NOT TOO LATE!! Call and set up an appointment with Alyssa or Trinity today! They’ll take you through the steps to get the gifts you need to make your children’s holiday! To sign-up for the program, Edgerton Outreach does require the child to be living in the Edgerton School District for at least 50% of the year. All we’ll need is a valid proof of ID from the parent, and a proof of residence from everyone included on the sign-up sheet. Some good examples for parents could be a piece of mail, (Bill, Letter, etc.). Proof of residence for children could be a picture of Infinite Campus, in the Edgerton School District, a piece of mail form the school, birth certificate, and even custody paperwork. Outreach will be starting the late sign-ups after normal distribution on Dec. 7th. Give us a call to be put on the Gifts For Kids list! It’s not to late to make your children’s holiday!

For contact information please go to our ‘Contact Us‘ page!!