Removing the Bowling Alley

This week the structure at the rear of 210 West Fulton Street was removed.  This part of the building once housed a bowling alley.  A volunteer crew led by Mark Wellnitz and Tanya Bennett carefully removed some of the parts of the old alleys for future repurposing.  It was decided in the design/engineering phase of the project that it was not prudent to save this part of the structure.  Eventually this portion of the property will be turned into parking for the residents at 210.

Inside the building the construction crew is working to create a level and sound base for the build out of the upper levels.  Once the new first floor structure is in place, new joists and supports will be installed and the process will be repeated on the second and third floors.  Please continue to check back for pictures of the work in progress.

Take a look at photos captured by Edgerton Outreach staff!

The Beginning

Side of Building

Piles of Progress