Bag Sale Increase

A community where all are welcome, all are fed, all are clothed, and have a warm place to sleep.”

Edgerton Community Outreach vision for the future.

Edgerton Community Outreach has always wanted to give the best value to our thrift store customers as well as make the best out of donations given to us to be able to help those in need. Increase in business costs and program needs have led us to a small change towards the monthly Bag Sale.

As the cost of business has increased so has the need for our Housing and Hunger Programs. In our best efforts to keep store prices low; Outreach has decided to increase the monthly Bag Sale Price by just $2.50. January’s Bag Sale will be the very last $10 Bag Sale. Starting February 2023, all future bag sales will be $12.50.

Edgerton Community Outreach would like to thank the entire community for your continuous support as we continue toward our vision for the future.