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We will save it!

Built in 1854, the Taylor House/American House, originally served as a hotel.  Henry Edward “Ed” Peters began operating his business at this location in 1896.  Various family members assisted in the running of the businesses housed there; tavern, arcade, bowling alley, Rousch’s Market, Peters  Market.  Another local family operated Peters Market from 1967-1979.  From the 80’s till present the lower level has housed many operations including the Rocking Horse (craft store), Mrs. G’s Game Room, an office supply store, Team Heating and Cooling, and Edward Jones just to name a few. 

Edgerton Outreach is partnering with GMK Architecture, Inc. and Bachmann Construction for the evaluation of the building.  The construction committee reviewed information available for comparable buildings in regards to construction cost to determine if it was reasonable to remodel the current building versus new construction.