Volunteer Opportunities

The Edgerton Community Outreach is looking for help filing these volunteer positions!

To volunteer for any of the positions below click HERE!

We are looking for Food Pantry and Delivery Driver volunteers!!

Volunteering for the Food pantry entails:

  • Filling Food Orders
  • Checking Expiration Dates
  • Weighing/Putting Away Donations
  • Stocking Food Pantry from back Stock
  • Filling Personal Items (Laundry Soap, Dog Food, etc)

Food Pantry Volunteer Times Available

  • Tuesday: 10am-12pm
  • Thursday: 10am-12pm (2nd person)
  • Friday: 12pm-2pm (2nd person)


Volunteer hours are flexible with scheduled training.

Are you interested in testing donated toys?? There are open volunteer opportunities in the Toy section! Volunteering in the ‘toy’ section would entail testing, sorting, cleaning, and pricing donated toys.


Volunteer hours are flexible with scheduled training

Are you interested in helping sort through clothes and keeping our clothing section stocked? This is the volunteer position for you!!

Are you interested in meeting more of our community? Volunteer for our cashier spots! Times available at ECO Thrift Store AND Feels Like Home!


Days of the WeekECO Thrift StoreFeels Like Home
*Every other week. Main Job cashiering, putting priced merchandise out, keeping area clean.

Help Keep ECO Clean!

We are looking for a volunteer to help keep ECO Thrift Store tidy! We need someone able to clean both bathrooms{upstairs and down). As well as someone able to stand and do small amounts of dishes!


Availability Flexible!

If you are interested in any of these volunteer spots click HERE now!! For any questions regarding any volunteer opportunities give Tanya a call @ 608.884.9593!!