Serving Those In Need

Rent Assistance

Edgerton Community Outreach (ECO) provides rent assistance for persons that are facing the reality of becoming homeless. It is more cost effective to keep someone in their current home versus lodging a person with a motel voucher after they become homeless. Varying trends in funding often dictates the rent services ECO is able to provide. A large portion of the grant funds that ECO receives for rent assistance requires for the participant to have been given notice to pay their rent or vacate the unit (often called a 5 day notice). A person facing eviction meets with a housing case manager to assess their situation, determine the extent of the need, and work on a plan with the participant so that the participant is able to maintain their housing expenses after assistance is given. Very often the case management services that a person receives is as valuable as the financial assistance that people receive. ECO receives Emergency Solution Grant funds, FEMA funds, and other smaller foundation grants to provide rent assistance.