Serving Those In Need

Lunch in the Park

“Lunch in the Park” was launched the summer of 2016. ECO was concerned that students that often rely on receiving 2 meals at school each day; breakfast and lunch faced increased food insecurity during the summer when school is out. Thus…. “Lunch in the Park” was created. “Lunch in the Park” provides a meal at no cost to children in the Edgerton area. Children/families are welcome to enjoy lunch from 12pm to 1pm, Monday through Thursday at Central Lutheran Park. Volunteer staff serves both hot and cold meals including a drink and nutritious side options. Last year (2019) was the fourth year of “Lunch in the Park”. ECO served 340 unduplicated people last year with 40-80 meals being served per day.

We need your help to fight hunger in the Edgerton community! “Lunch in the Park” is open to multiple sponsorships weekly to help fund the program. We are seeking several sponsors per week as our need has increased with amount of people served. We are seeking up to 4 sponsors per week and will gladly create a sign to acknowledge your contribution made. Donations can be made “In honor of” or “In Memory of” an individual too. There are 3 levels of sponorship:  $75, $150, $300. If anyone or a local business is interested in being a sponsor for a week, please contact Alyssa Meyers 608-884-9593 or drop off donations at Edgerton Community Outreach. All donations are equally beneficial.

“Lunch in the Park” is always seeking volunteers to help prepare, serve, and keep kids entertained. If you are interested in being a volunteer, please contact Alyssa Meyers at 608-205- 7239. We are looking for food preparation and serving volunteers! Edgerton Community Outreach envisions a community where all are welcome, fed, clothed, and have a warm place to call home.