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Building Renovation


A Little History


Edgerton Community Outreach (ECO) began looking for a permanent home in 2003.  Many options were researched including open downtown store fronts and parcels on which ECO would have the ability to build.  It was decided that no other location gave ECO the needed exposure for the Thrift Store nor adequate room for future growth.  In 2005  ECO was able to purchase the building at 106 South Main Street from the City of Edgerton for $1.00.


The first order of business in 2005 was to address issues to protect the integrity of the building.  In 2006 a new roof was installed.  The next project was to replace t-beams in the basement to ensure that ECO would be building on a sound foundation.   ECO partnered with Alliant Energy to move the service pole at the front of the building.  At the same time the electric service into the building was moved and the service was upgraded to allow for additional capacity for the future elevator and new heating/cooling units.


Late in 2012 the local Knights of Columbus volunteered to build the ramp and new stairs at ECO.  ECO applied for and was awarded a Facade Grant through the City of Edgerton and the new ADA accessible door was installed as part of the ramp project.


On Wednesday August 21, 2013 construction work for the final phase of renovation began!  All major construction was completed in June of 2014.  This work completed over  8 months, often referred to as Phase III, has been made a reality with the financial assistance of the Community Development Block Grant Program (funds administered by the Wisconsin Department of Administration) which provided a matching funds of $375,000.  The Steve Stricker American Family Insurance Foundation provided a second matching grant of $75,000.  The City of Edgerton Small Economic Development Fund provided $9000 to fund a portion of the elevator, energy efficiency upgrades, and accessible restrooms/plumbing upgrades.  ECO is grateful to the numerous donors that have provided financial support for the renovation through our Fill the Gap Campaign and the 100 Women Campaign.  The original budget for Phase III was $750,000.  Additions in masonry and concrete work in the rear of the building, additional electrical work and outdoor lighting, architect fees, and work in the basement have added approximately $50,000 to the budget.  Funds are still needed to ensure that the project is fully funded.


Construction Starts


The renovation began with the upstairs ceiling and the front stairway.  Once the ceiling is complete the old freight elevator was  removed and the elevator opening was enlarged to make room for the new passenger elevator.  The basement walls were framed in and new footings poured for the extra columns that are being installed under the food pantry area to ensure proper support for the floor.



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Framing the Upstairs


Once the upstairs ceiling was in place the framing of the rooms began.  It was exciting to see the individual rooms take shape, we could actually see where we would be working once the renovation is completed.  Once the framing was completed Gypcrete was poured to give the building a nice level floor.  The next steps included installing the electrical, networking and heating-air conditioning.



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Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Networking


Once the framing was completed and the floor leveled the electrical, heating/cooling and networking was installed.  The elevator opening was framed in and the ceiling around it was closed up including the installation of the ceiling access panel.  Installation of the drywall was next.  Remember, we are still accepting donations for our renovation and appreciate your support.



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Drywall, Painting and Ceilings


Now that the framing, electrical and heating and cooling has been completed it is time to put the finishing touches on.  The drywall installation taping and filling was next, then allowed to dry.  Sanded smooth, primed, textured and painted and wow, we have rooms.  Once the complete ceiling framework grid is installed and the panels fit into place the next step will be door, windows and trim.



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Donations are still be accepted for the renovation fund and can be made online via paypal ( or by mailing your donation to 106 South Main Street, Edgerton WI  53534.  Contact ECO staff if you would like a tour of our facility.