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June Clothing Bag Sale (25th, 26th & 27th)

Posted on by Sarah Williams

Each month ECO offers the best value on clothing by offering our $10 Clothing Bag Sale.  The sale usually runs at the end of the month and during the month of June the sale will run Thursday June 25th through Saturday June 27th.


The Bag Sale is clothing only which means belts, shoes, and coats are not part of the bag sale.  This month clothing with “green” tags are excluded.  For this sale you can mix and match clothing from all departments and stuff your brown grocery bag full for only $10.


While shopping check out the other sale items.  “Stuff” with “C” tags are 50% off.  Household items, furniture, books, crafts, sporting goods and holiday items are included in the sale.  Toys are not included in the 50% off sale.