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Pave the Way Campaign

Posted on by Sarah Williams

Completion of Phase III ~ paving the parking lot is slated to occur in 2020. ECO needs the help of many to complete this final phase. ECO has partnered with R.H. Batterman and Co. for the design and engineering of the project. The projected cost of the project is $150,000. This includes the needed catch basin work, concrete work for the lot, and lighting to increase safety for our volunteers and staff. Our Campaign Document outlines the need for the project and includes a pledge/gift card. Please consider a donation today!

Rough lot due to potholes and rainy conditions

Past Renovation work includes the following:

Phase I ~ Adding support in the basement, lifting the building to ensure that we were building on a sound and square foundation, and the needed electricity upgrades occurred in 2010.

Phase II ~ The full build out of the upper level into client offices, children’s room, data room, conference room, and volunteer work space. Accessibility issues that impacted those with disabilities were addressed with the addition of the ramp, elevator, and construction of 4 ADA restrooms.